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Senior Software Engineer - POS Development

POS Development Keenu


POSTED 9 months ago

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We are looking for Senior Software Engineer (POS Development)


1.Develop high-quality software design and architecture

2.Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle

3.Develop tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code

4.Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting

5.Review and debug code

6.Perform validation and verification testing

7.Collaborate with internal teams and vendors to fix and improve products

8.Document development phases and monitor systems

9.Ensure software is up-to-date with latest technologies


1.Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

2.At least 3+ years’ experience in C++ and/or C

3.Extensive experience in software development, scripting and project management

4.Have worked on POS development(C/C+) will be a plus point

5.Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude 

6.Excellent organizational and leadership skills

7.Understanding in data structures, Object Oriented Programming & Unix OS Fundamentals



C++, object oriented programming, Data Structures, POS Development (C/C+), Unix OS Fundamentals