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Accounts Finance & Tax Manager

Xperts Oilfield Services


POSTED 9 months ago

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Job Description

§  Supervise data entries through J.V.s /Cash Book/Bank Bank/ Vouchers/Invoices/Bills & other relevant source documents of all financial transactions.

§  Maintain Payables/Receivables Sheet for Management + Quick Books.

§  Maintain data entry of Quick Books on daily basis.

§  Keep ledgers & chart of accounts up to date.

§  Supervise Invoice Preparation for all Clients & Receivables for any errors before sending for approval to Admin.

§  Maintain/Update/Reconcile/Supervise Daily Bank Book + funds management;

§  Maintain/Update/Reconcile/Supervise Daily Cash Book + cash management’

§  Manage your Team of Accounts Receivables & Accounts Assistant Staff.

§  Preparation of Cash/Bank Vouchers;

§  Supervise bank reconciliation statements – monthly;

§  Prepare/Maintain/Review/supervise Invoices & Invoice Database for all Clients;

§  Handling of all types of reporting to Clients, financial institutions or any other required by the Management.

§  Supervise/Manage/Prepare Journal Vouchers for all accounting entries for quick books record;

§  Responsible for preparing Office Staff Salaries + Fleet Crew Salaries & Supervise the distribution through CPV/BPV for all Salaries – update to quick books;

§  Responsible for preparing Journal Vouchers for all accounting transactions;

§  Take a lead role in the preparation of Annual Tax Returns of the Company + Directors + Executive Members.

§  Take a lead role in the compliance to any Tax Audits (current + previous + new) along with any other relevant audits e.g. WHT, GST, WWF etc and work in collaboration with the approved Tax Consultant. Prepare/Manage/Control/Supervise communication with the approved Tax Consultant’s team and ensure timely delivery of any and all documents requested.

§  Supervise/Manage weekly/monthly submission of Sales Tax Returns and other GST Returns as applicable for each region and Client.

§  Ensure that leasing entries are up-to-date and properly accounted for in the QuickBooks.

§  Supervise/manage/monitor the chart of accounts in QuickBooks – all items.

§  Prepare any other supporting documents/reports/task as assigned by the Management to further support transparency of tasks and ease of understanding.

§  Monitor repair & maintenance of fleet and ensure data entry is up-to-date and correct at all times.

§  Work in collaboration with peers and other staff members for better learning & working in a team;


§  All other tasks that will be assigned directly by Director/CEO/BDE.



Accounts Finalization, Accounts Reconciliation, Tax Calculations and Analysis, QuickBooksExcelTax Preparation