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Software Engineer/Developer (QA)



POSTED 9 months ago

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  • Test the development per quality standards including black box and white box testing techniques.
  • Have a strong grasp of unit testing, regression testing, functional testing, installation testing, browser testing, localization testing and integration testing
  • The engineer will have the ability to generate well-articulated test cases and determine the positive, negative and boundary cases from working with our: developers, project managers, and product requirement specifications
  • Know how deeply or lightly to test, based on the type of change and construct his or her test cases accordingly
  • While testing need to check the validity of data at each tier, across multiple platforms and against multiple browsers
  • Able to isolate the root cause of the system bug and provide this value-added information to development
  • Understands good coding techniques and can mentor junior automation team members.Responsible for managing Guardian’s Quality Assurance program across numerous contact centers within the company
  • Management of the various business units to make recommendations based on observable trends surfaced through the quality assurance processes.
  • Collaborate closely with the Training and Development Management team to surface training needs based on QA observations and ensure training content is developed and delivered for new hire training and recurrent training programs.
  • Responsible for the creation and active engagement of call center employee recognition and reward programs to highlight and reward outstanding achievements. 
  • Manage the team of Quality Assurance Representatives to successfully to meet departmental and company goals and objectives.
  • Lead the quality assurance program by partnering with the contact center management team, training, human resources, and workforce operations to successfully deliver exceptional customer service and optimal efficiency
  • Develop and deploy quality assurance effectiveness measurements and routinely evaluate and adjust as necessary to ensure quality assurance programs are successful, efficient, and motivating
  • Manage and motivate team of quality assurance representatives
  • Conduct routine QA calibration sessions with quality team and call center management

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