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New-Born Unit Nurse (Daily Worker)

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)


POSTED 10 months ago

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Job Description

Application of basic hygiene rules

  • She is responsible for maintaining hygiene within the New Born Unit (NBU).
  • Application of MSF protocols for hand washing and use of gloves.
  • Application of disinfection protocol invasive medical procedures.

Nursing Care

While performing her duty, the nurse:

  • Monitors patients’ vital parameters, condition, intake and output, infusion therapy, etc. and records them in the file.
  • Provides advanced neonatal care.
  • Passes IV-Lines, takes blood for laboratory tests, prepares and injects medication and infusions.
  • Organizes pharmacy, logistic and laundry order and storage.
  • Passes and monitors gastric tubes, nasal prongs or oxygen masks.
  • Accompanies patients on transfers to other structures or for investigations.
  • Organizes the documentation and files for all patients admitted.
  • Participates in the medical round and informs the doctors of the progress of each patient.